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Welcome to Year 5

Year 5

Miss Sarjeant, Mrs Lees-Smith, Mrs. Day and Mrs. Conkie warmly welcome you to our Year 5 page. We trust that this will give you a flavour of some of the fantastic things that go on throughout Year 5.

Our ‘Autumn Term’ blasts off with learning about Space which we study through our English and Science topics. We will be studying the Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield and the Jamie Drake Equation by Christopher Edge in English. We also look at the key role that Katherine Johnson played in the space race. To enrich our topic further, we have a visit from

The ‘Spring Term’ aptly begins with ‘New life’ as we welcome some very special visitors to Year 5 – the ducklings. Always a highlight of the year, the children thoroughly enjoy watching them hatch and grow. This links perfectly with our Life Cycles topic in Science.

Finally, in the Summer Term, we travel back in time to see how and why the canal network around Warrington exists and visit Lymm Heritage Centre.

Throughout the year, we are incredibly lucky to have our specialist music teachers visiting weekly to deliver our music lessons. The end of term concerts are always a highlight and a proud moment for the school and parents who can come to watch.


Homework is given out each Tuesday to be returned the following Tuesday alternating between English and Maths (occasionally topic themed). We expect the homework tasks to take approximately 30 minutes. The children should be able to complete the majority of the task independently but may, on occasion, need some guidance. If your child finds any aspect of this difficult, please let us know.


We expect that children will read regularly at home and at least 3 times each week for around 15-20 minutes. Please ensure children record their reading on Boom Reader. As children move into Upper Key Stage 2, they do become more independent readers. However, we would still strongly encourage parents to engage with their children’s reading through questioning and discussion. If you need support with the types of questions to ask, please refer to the ‘Reading Prompt Questions’ which can be found under ‘Reading’ on the ‘Curriculum’ tab of the school website.

As well as a varied selection of books in the class bookcases, we have additional Reading Challenge books. These are a variety of books which children can swap and take home to read. There is a huge variety from picture books to some trickier texts – and we do encourage parents to share the books with their children.


Spelling is taught daily (often through Spelling Frame) and a new list of words will be emailed each half term. We will concentrate on Year 5/6 word lists as well as going over Year 3/4 words too. Parents are encouraged to help their children to learn their words each week. Spellings can practise in a number of ways; either ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check’, colour coding patterns in the words, breaking them down into syllables or simply make up silly rhymes to remember the letters. (Because – Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants).


Children in Year 5 will build on previous knowledge of the 4 operations and continue to apply their understanding of all mathematical concepts to a range of scenarios. It is crucial that all children know their times tables up to x12 and can recall these facts with speed, including inverse operations. There are weekly arithmeti tests and again parents are actively encouraged to support children with their tables at home.

Support at Home

We are very lucky to have several programs in place which children can access via the internet such as: Reading Plus, My Maths, and Times Tables Rockstars, Spelling Frame, Purple Mash. Your child will be given individual logins for these programs should they be appropriate.

We hope that this has given you a brief insight into the new and exciting year ahead! It will be an interesting and really rewarding year and the children will begin to become that bit more grown up and independent. They will also start to realise that they are in the upper end of the school and with that comes certain responsibilities. We are all here to guide and help them through. If you would like any further information or are worried about anything, our doors are always open.

Kind regards and thank you for your support,

Miss Sarjeant, Mrs Lees-Smith, Mrs. Day and Mrs. Conkie

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