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Friends of St Wilfrid's

In simple terms, we are a group of parent volunteers who want to support the school, our children and the community. In old money… we could be called a PTA (Parent Teacher Association), or in new money an FSA (Friends of the School Association)! We are an active and integral part of St Wilfrid’s Primary School. Most importantly, we aim to bring our whole school community together to raise funds to purchase additional equipment, facilities and enrichment activities that the school budget does not support, to have fun and make friends in the process.

We are all Friends! There’s no membership or fee! Simply our ‘Friends of the School Association’ welcomes everyone connected with our school; parents, grandparents, neighbours, members of the community and the church.

The Friends Committee is made up of 5 officers, Mrs Davies and a large number of volunteers.  Committee meetings are held once a half term and everyone is very welcome. We discuss up-coming events, how to raise more funds and how to spend what has been raised.  We raise on average of £8,000 every year!!

‘Friends of St Wilfrid’s School’ is a registered charity and as such, look for different opportunities to raise funds. Our aims are:

  • To develop social contact within or out of the school community
  • To raise as much money as possible for reasonable effort
  • To constantly explore methods of raising much needed funds for the school, with minimal effort– e.g. trusts and corporate sponsorships
  • To share the workload in fund raising events
  • To work as a team
  • To support and promote the values of the school
  • To put health and safety first
  • To provide a wide variety of experiences
  • To provide a wide variety of experiences
  • To ensure everyone’s contribution is valued

But most of all…Friends is working

in partnership with St Wilfrid’s Primary

to make a difference to your child.

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