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Welcome to Year 3

Mr Calrow and Mrs Crebbin welcome you to Year 3!

Once a week, we have a specialist music teacher called Fran from Medley Music, who leads us in some wonderfully engaging lessons. We also take part in Forest School sessions led by Rebecca in our woodland area, where we can truly connect with nature and the outdoors.

Throughout the year, we go on some exciting trips to the cinema near Christmas time, the Catalyst Museum and the Liverpool World museum.

In Year 3, we delve into some very interesting history topics! We begin by learning about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age in Britain, then we travel across the world to find out about the early Ancient Egyptian civilisation.


In Year 3 we expect children to read at least 5 times a week for 15-20 minutes. Questioning is really important in year 3 so please try to ask your child questions about the book they’re reading. If you need support with the types of questions to ask, please refer to the 'Reading Question Prompts' document on the school website (Curriculum tab - Reading tab). You can log your child’s reading on the Boom Reader website.


At the start of every half term, a spelling overview will be emailed home. This will be a 6 week overview listing the spelling patterns that we will be teaching in class during that half term. Children will be tested on a random selection of the spellings from the overview in the final week of every half term. To practise these spellings with your child please use the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check’ approach, play snap games or try colour coding the patterns or sounds within the words. We also use the SpellingFrame website, which can be used at home to practise the weekly spellings through interactive activities and games. 

Times tables

In Year 3, we begin by revising the Year 2 times tables which are x2 x5, x10. Then we learn the 3, 4 and 8 times table, as well as the corresponding division facts. Your child should practice at home using their own methods and by logging into TTRockstars. Times tables is so important so your child should be practising on a weekly basis with the aim of having a really quick recall.


English homework is set once a fortnight (alternating with maths).  We expect the homework tasks to take approximately 30 minutes so please feel free to stop your child after the allotted time.  Your child should complete their tasks in their English homework books in pencil, unless they have been awarded their pen licence.  They should be able to complete the majority of the tasks independently but may, on occasion, need some guidance. If your child finds any aspect of this difficult, please write a note in their homework book. The tasks tend to be either a written reading comprehension, a year 3 grammar task or sentence level work.

Maths homework will be either a written task to be completed in homework books, or an online task using the My Maths website. We expect this to take approximately 30 minutes. Maths should always be completed in pencil.  Please encourage your child to show their working out.  It is through seeing the mistakes children have made that we gain a greater understanding of what misconceptions they may have and can take appropriate action. All maths homework tasks will consolidate what the children have been learning in class that week, so they should be able to remember the methods and concepts well.


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