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Fun, Faith and Friendship


St. Wilfrid's is a Church of England Primary School, which encourages strong links with home, church and the wider community.
We aim for high standards in all we do and try to provide high quality of provision in support of pupil's achievements. Our aim is to work as a Christian community, which welcomes children and values them as individuals.
Children are encouraged to develop their self-esteem, individual potential and self-reliance. 
We welcome you to our school website and invite you to learn more about the school. We hope we can give you a full picture of school life and keep you informed on forthcoming events.


Online Safety News

You may have seen on the news and on social media sites reports of a character called "MoMo".

For more infromation regarding this please click here.

Latest News

Christian Aid

Every year we join with Church to support Christian Aid Week.  This year the theme is ‘Hands across the world’.  Across the world there are still 260 million children who do not have full access to primary and secondary education.  This year’s aim is to highlight the barriers many young people face and to raise money to help all children go to school and achieve their God given potential. 

‘We believe every child should have an equal chance to learn and to live their dreams’.  

Christian Aid 2019.

Dates for Diaries

Here is an overview of the school year. Some of the dates may be subject to change. If any calendar changes need to be made, we will alert parents of these as soon as we can.

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